When Does Madame Defarge Knit?

Defarge is dissatisfied with the revolution’s sluggish pace. His wife responds that revenge and retribution take time; nonetheless, she assures him that the revolution will take place. Madame Defarge is crocheting at her customary seat in the wine store the following day at noon when a stranger comes in.

Similarly, What is Madame Defarge knitting in Chapter 15?

Another Jacques shows to Madame Defarge’s knitting, which has the names of everyone the rebels want to murder embroidered on it. The people would destroy him, just as the Marquis would annihilate them.

Also, it is asked, What is Madame Defarge knitting in Chapter 16?

Madame Defarge coolly weaves Darnay’s name into her record next to Barsad’s, sentencing them both to death, as Defarge hopes for their sake that they remain out of France and so preserve their lives. First name; Christian name; baptismal name or given name, as opposed to surname or family name.

Secondly, What does Madame Defarge knit all the time?

Madame Defarge enjoys incorporating the names of the nobles she intends to send to the guillotine into her art.

Also, Why does Madame Defarge Knit the name John Barsad into the registry?

1 responses Because he is a spy against the revolutionaries, John is one of the individuals targeted for execution.

People also ask, What is Madame Defarge’s secret?

Madame Defarge admits that she is the younger sister of the peasant lady who was raped by the Evrémondes and seeks retribution for her family’s death. Defarge, on the other hand, feels that the killing should be restricted.

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What is the significance of knitting?

Knitting provides health advantages in addition to being enjoyable and creative. It relieves stress, improves literacy, and helps convicts change. Knitting has even been shown to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease! Who’d have guessed that this apparently harmless art had a sideline in health, education, and wellness?

What does Lucie ask of Madame Defarge and how does she respond?

What questions does Lucie address to Madame Defarge, and how does she respond? “You’ll look after my poor spouse. You will not damage him. If you can, can you assist me in seeing him?” Her spouse is not her business, she responds.

What does Madame Defarge compare the revolution to?

Madame Defarge dismisses his impatience, comparing the revolution to lightning and an earthquake: it hits suddenly and powerfully, but no one knows how long it will take to develop.

What does Madame Defarge do to alert the other customers?

What does Madame Defarge do to warn other customers that Barsad has entered the wine shop? A rose is pinned to Madame Defarge’s headpiece.

What is the name of the woman who knits with Madame Defarge?

the crocheter

Who killed Madame Defarge?

As she fights with Miss Pross, Madame Defarge’s revolver unintentionally discharges, killing her.

What might Madame Defarge’s knitting be used for also what might it symbolize?

Knitting by Madame Defarge She threads a register, or list of names, of all those sentenced to die in the name of a new republic, into her needlepoint. On a metaphorical level, though, the knitting is a symbol in and of itself, signifying the rebels’ stealthy, cold-blooded vengeance.

Who killed the Marquis in tale of two cities?


What effect does the story have on Defarge and the others?

How has the narrative affected Defarge and the others? It has a favorable impact. praising the road mender’s dedication and reminding him that it will be useful when the nobility is destroyed

What is stryver’s nickname for Carton?

Carton was a ‘jackal,’ according to the narrator, and being a jackal was how he assisted Stryver, who is referred to as the ‘lion.’

Why does Madame Defarge decide to visit Lucie on the day of the execution?

Madame Defarge pays Lucie a visit just before her husband’s execution. Lucie was caught in the act of either weeping over her husband or speaking out against the Republic (all things that can be used against her in court).

How is Monsieur Defarge described?

A businessman who is both a wine store owner and a revolutionary. His goal for a revolution is aimed at making the world a better place. Monsieur Defarge is a kind guy, unlike his wife, whose intentions for a revolution are centered on her personal revenge towards the French Aristocracy (due to prior traumas).

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What does knit plain mean?

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Why does Madame Defarge want Lucie?

Defarge claims she is there to “guard the people” by being able to remember their faces and hence ensure their safety. The fact is that she just wants to meet Lucie and her kid so that she can plot to execute them.

Why is Madame Defarge so merciless towards Charles and his family?

What is Madame Defarge’s motivation for being so cruel to Charles and his family? Because his family murdered hers, she believes they should be avenged.

What effect does Madame Defarge have on Lucie when the defarges visit Lucie’s apartment How does Dickens symbolically show this affect?

How does Dickens depict this consequence symbolically? Mme. Defarge delivers Lucie a message from Charles, which she appreciates. Lucie reaches out to kiss Mme’s hand.

Is Madame Defarge justified?

Madame Defarge is a remarkable figure not just because of her marriage and desire for women’s rights, but also because of the righteous anguish that she feels. Madame Defarge’s reason, on the other hand, is not disclosed until the novel’s end, after she has been presented as a monster.

What happened to Madame Defarge in the end?

Madame Defarge’s death by a bullet from her own gun—she dies in a skirmish with Miss Pross—represents Dickens’ conviction that Madame Defarge’s spiteful attitude is ultimately self-destructive.

What Madame Defarge says is the cause of her hatred of the Evrémondes?

Madame Defarge despises the aristocracy because she holds it responsible for her family’s deaths. Defarge’s sister was raped by the Marquis de Evremonde when she was a child, a crime that killed both her father and brother in their sorrow and thirst for vengeance.

What does the fight between Miss Pross and Madame Defarge symbolize?

Miss Pross and Madame Defarge’s ultimate fight also depicts a greater battle between love and hatred. Dickens shows that love can overcome even the deepest enmity by having Miss Pross prevail over Madame Defarge.

What does Carton learn about Madame Defarge while he is at the wine shop?

While in the wine store, what does Carton discover about Madame Defarge? He discovers that she is the sister of one of the Evremondes’ victims.

How does Madame Defarge’s constant knitting affect the life of Charles Darnay?

Madame Defarge’s incessant knitting has a secret purpose. What impact does it have on Charles Darnay’s life? Madame Defarge’s needlework enables her to listen in on people’s discussions at Tellson’s bank. She’s crocheting a list of everyone the rebels are going to slaughter.

What is Madame Defarge knitting in Chapter 15?

Another Jacques shows to Madame Defarge’s knitting, which has the names of everyone the rebels want to murder embroidered on it. The people would destroy him, just as the Marquis would annihilate them.

What happens when Madame Defarge arrives at the Manette apartment?

When Madame Defarge arrives at the Manette flat, what happens? Lucy and Doctor Manette are caught attempting to flee. Miss Pross refuses to open the door, so she sets fire to the home. When she realizes Lucy has fled, she shoots herself.


The “when does madame defarge die” is a question that has many answers. The short answer to the question is that Madame Defarge dies in Chapter 8 of Charles Dickens’ novel, “A Tale of Two Cities”.

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