How to Knit a Hat on Circular Needles

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide on how to knit a hat using circular needles, you’ve come to the right place!

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I’m going to show you how to knit a hat on circular needles. This is a great method for beginners, because it eliminates the need to sew seams. You can also use this method to make seamless hats, or hats with different color patterns.

Materials Needed

-1 skein of worsted weight yarn
-Circular needles in size US 8, 16” length
-Tapestry needle
Gauge is not important for this project.

Casting On

Casting on is the process of creating the initial stitches of your project. For most projects, you will use the long-tail cast on method. This method is easy to learn and gives your projects a neat edge.

To begin, make a slip knot about 6 inches from the end of your yarn. Hold the needle with the slip knot in your left hand and the tail of the yarn in your right hand. Insert the needle into the loop of the slip knot from back to front and under the tail of yarn (as shown in fig 1).

Now hold both yarn ends in your right hand and tighten the loop around the needle (fig 2). With your left hand, push the needle through the loop to form a new stitch (fig 3) and slide it down to sit snug against the slip knot. You have now cast on one stitch!

Knitting the Hat

Knitting the Hat
If you’re new to knitting hats, you may want to start with a simple pattern like this one. It’s worked on circular needles, so there’s no need to worry about seaming the hat when you’re finished. And it’s a great opportunity to practice working in the round and some basic decreases.

What You Need
– size 8 (5mm) 16″ circular knitting needles
– 1 skein worsted weight yarn in a light color
– 1 skein worsted weight yarn in a dark color
– tapestry needle

16 sts and 20 rows = 4″ in stockinette stitch

Joining the Seams

After you’ve completed knitting the body of your hat, it’s time to join the seam. If you’re using circular needles, this is a relatively simple process. Just follow the steps below:

1. Slip one needle out of the last stitch you made, so that only the working needle is still in use.

2. Cut the yarn, leaving a tail that’s about 6 inches long.

3. Thread the tail onto a tapestry needle.

4. Insert the needle through the first stitch on the other needle (the one that’s not in use), then insert it through the second stitch. Continue until you’ve gone through all of the stitches on both needles.

5. Pull the yarn tight, then weave in the ends on the wrong side of your work.

Finishing the Hat

To finish the hat, knit two more rows of single crochet stitch. Then, cut the yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread the tail through a yarn needle, and slip it through the remaining stitches on the needle. Pull tight to close the top of the hat. Weave in any loose ends, and your hat is complete!

Knitting Tips and Tricks

If you’re new to knitting, or even if you’ve been doing it for a while, there are always new tips and tricks to learn. Here are a few that may come in handy the next time you sit down to knit a hat on circular needles.

First, when choosing your yarn, be sure to pick one that is the correct weight for the gauge of your needles. If you use a yarn that is too heavy or too light, your hat will not fit properly.

Second, when working with circular needles, it is important to keep the tension even. If you knit too tightly, your hat will be smaller than intended; if you knit too loosely, it will be larger.

Third, when casting on (or binding off) stitches on circular needles, be sure to leave enough of a tail so that you can weave in the ends later. Otherwise, your hat may come undone at the seam.

Finally, when knitting the actual body of the hat, take care not to twist the stitches. This can make your hat uncomfortable to wear and can also make it difficult to shape properly.

Patterns for Knitted Hats

There are a variety of different patterns that can be used to knit a hat on circular needles. The type of pattern you choose will depend on the look you are going for and the level of difficulty you are comfortable with. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with a simple pattern and work your way up to more complex designs. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a pattern for your knitted hat:

-The type of yarn you use will affect the overall look and feel of your hat. Choose a yarn that is appropriate for the season and the occasion.
-The weight of your yarn will also affect the final product. Thick yarns will result in a thicker, warmer hat, while thinner yarns will produce a lighter, more airy hat.
-The gauge of your knitting needles will affect the overall size of your hat. If you want a slouchier, more relaxed fit, use larger needles; for a tighter, more fitted hat, use smaller needles.

Once you have considered all of these factors, it is time to choose a pattern. There are many differentpatterns available online and in knitting books. Some popular patterns for knitted hats include:

-Basic ribbed hats: These hats are made with a simple ribbed stitch and can be easily adjusted to fit any head size.
-Rolled brim hats: These hats have a rolled brim that can be worn turned up or down, depending on your preference.
– cables: This is an advanced stitch that creates beautiful texture and visual interest in your finished hat.


-How many needles do I need?
You will need two circular needles to knit a hat. The size of the needles will depend on the size of the hat you are knitting.
-Can I use straight needles?
Yes, you can use straight needles to knit a hat, but it is easier to use circular needles.
-What is the best type of yarn to use?
The best type of yarn to use for a hat is a worsted weight yarn.


While there are many different ways to knit a hat, using circular needles is perhaps the simplest and most popular method. If you’re new to knitting, or simply want to try something different, give it a try!

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