How to Knit a Blanket with a Loom?

If you’re looking to learn how to knit a blanket with a loom, you’ve come to the right place! This step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to know to get started.

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Loom knitting is a fun and easy way to knit a blanket! In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps of how to knit a blanket with a loom. You’ll need a few supplies to get started, including a loom, yarn, and a knitting needle. Once you have your supplies, you’ll be able to follow along with our step-by-step instructions. We’ll show you how to set up your loom, how to knit the blanket, and how to finish off your project.

What you will need

-Loom (I used an Afghgan Loom, but any loom will do)
-Yarn (I used worsted weight yarn in 2 colors, but you can use any weight yarn)
-Knitting needle (to bind off)

Step-by-step guide

Assuming you have already set up your loom according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you are ready to start knitting your blanket.

To begin, tie a slip knot in the end of your yarn and place it over the first peg on the outside row of your loom. Then, working from left to right, wrap the yarn around each successive peg until you have wrapped all of the pegs on the outside row.

Now it is time to start “knitting” the blanket. Using the shedding tool that came with your loom (or a crochet hook), lift the bottom yarn over the top yarn and off of each peg. You will now have a new top yarn on each peg.

Next, working from right to left this time, use the picking tool (or a second crochet hook) to lift each new top yarn over the next adjacent top yarn and off of its peg. You will now have two bottom yarns on each peg. Continue working in this way until you reach the end of the row.

To turn your work, simply lift all of the bottom yarns over their respective pegs and turn your loom around so that they become the new top yarns. Wrap any loose ends around adjacent pegs to secure them and continue knitting until your blanket is complete.

Tips and Tricks

Knitting a blanket with a loom is a great way to create a unique and personal gift for someone special, or to make a beautiful blanket for yourself. While it may seem daunting at first, with a little practice you will be able to create beautiful blankets that are sure to impress. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started:

-Choose the right loom: There are many different types of looms available on the market, so it is important to choose one that is best suited for your project. If you are unsure which loom to choose, ask a salesperson at your local craft store for advice.

-Warp the loom: This is the process of creating the foundation of your blanket. You will need to measure and cut your yarn into even lengths, and then attach it to the warp bars on your loom according to the instructions that came with your specific loom.

-Weave in your ends: As you knit your blanket, you will inevitably have loose ends of yarn that need to be woven in so that they do not come undone. This can be done by threading the yarn through the shed rod on your loom, or by using a tapestry needle to weave it in by hand.

-Finish off your blanket: Once you have reached the end of your project, it is important to secure all of your loose ends before removing your blanket from the loom. This can be done by weaving in all of your loose ends, or by knotting them together at the end.


Q: What is a Loom?
A: A loom is a tool used to knit fabrics. It consists of two parts: the frame, which holds the yarn in place, and the needle, which is used to weave the yarn through the frame.

Q: How do I use a Loom?
A: To use a loom, you will need to first wrap the yarn around the pegs on the loom. Once the yarn is wrapped around the pegs, you will then use the needle to weave the yarn over and under the pegs. After you have woven the yarn around all of the pegs, you will then need to cut off the excess yarn and tie it off.

Q: What kind of fabrics can I make with a Loom?
A: You can use a loom to knit any kind of fabric, including blankets, scarves, hats, or even sweaters.

Knitting a blanket with a loom – video tutorial

In this video tutorial, we’ll show you how to knit a blanket with a loom. This is a great project for beginners, as it’s simple and easy to follow along. We’ll start by casting on the blanket, then we’ll knit the body of the blanket. Once we’ve reached the end, we’ll bind off the blanket and weave in the ends.


If you followed the instructions in this loom knitting blanket tutorial, you should now have a beautiful, finished blanket! Congratulations on completing your first loom knitting project. Now that you know how to knit a blanket with a loom, you can make all sorts of other great projects like hats, scarves, and more.

Further Reading

There are plenty of great loom knitting tutorials on the internet and in craft stores. In this post, we will show you how to knit a blanket using a loom. This project is great for beginners because it is simple and quick to make.

First, you will need to gather your supplies. You will need a rectangular loom, a yarn needle, and some chunky yarn. We recommend using a loom that is at least 24 inches wide so that your blanket will be nice and cozy. You will also need scissors.

Next, you will need to wrap the yarn around the loom. Start at one end of the loom and wrap the yarn around each peg, going from left to right. Once you get to the end of the loom, wrap the yarn around the last peg and then come back down the other side of the loom, wrapping each peg from right to left. Continue until all of the pegs are wrapped with yarn.

Now it’s time to start knitting! To do this, take the bottom strand of yarn on the first peg and lift it over the top strand of yarn. Then take the top strand of yarn on the second peg and lift it over the bottom strand of yarn. Continue lifting alternate top and bottom strands over each other until you reach the end of the row.

To start a new row, turn your work so that you are working back across the pegs in the opposite direction. Again, start by lifting alternate top and bottom strands over each other until you reach the end of the row.

Continue knitting rows until your blanket is as wide as you would like it to be. To finish off your blanket, cut the yarn leaving a long tail (about twice as long as your loom is wide). Use a yarn needle to weave in all of the loose ends so that they are hidden inside your blanket


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Hi, I’m Amy and I love to knit! I started knitting when I was a young girl and have been hooked ever since. Knitting is my passion and I love to share my knowledge with others.

I started looms knitting about 3 years ago and loved it from the start. It’s a great way to knit blankets, hats, scarves and more. Loom knitting is easy to learn and can be very therapeutic.

I hope you enjoy my loom knitting tutorials and find them helpful!

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