After spending four years in graduate school, I suddenly had this mythical thing called “free time”. I wasn’t learning anything anymore, and it was driving me insane.

And so I asked my friend Trisha to teach me to knit, and I made my first scarf.

When I mentioned this to my sister, she said, “I know two little girls who need winter hats,” referring to my small nieces, the oldest of whom was just 1 and a half.  So Trisha taught me to knit on double points and I knocked out my first hats.

And then, precisely because it was unexpected, I made two toddler-sized sweaters. I’d been knitting for six weeks.

That was October 2010, and I’ve been knitting like mad ever since.

As of March 2017, I’ve officially branched out from only posting about my knitting projects to include whatever I’m passionate about. That ranges from feminism and politics to recipes and sock knitting.

I’m a white woman named Becky, and I know full well that my name is spoken as an epithet in some corners. I hope I’m not that Becky, but I’m not going to pretend that I don’t screw up sometimes. Please tell me if I do. I’m a big girl, and I’m listening and learning.

This is me. Welcome.

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