I didn’t get to post yesterday because I was out. My old college friend Tarik was in town, and we met up for the evening. As we’re both photographers (not that you’d know it from my cell phone food pics), I suggested an exhibit of Chicago street photography that opened yesterday at the Swedish American Museum. It was a small showing, but really excellent work that makes me want to wander the city with my camera.

We ended up dining at Kopi, where I know both the menu and the staff well enough that I was certain that I could arrange a suitable meal without being troublesome. And I was right! The meal was very simple, just roasted potatoes and a scrambled egg with some tea, but it was lovely. And the tea was perfect. I mean, perfect. It was a black tea with orange, cinnamon, and cardamom. It was so good that I picked up a box of orange spice black tea at the grocery store tonight.

After dinner, we kept up the photography theme and had our own photo shoot. Playing with cameras – it’s what we do! Tarik’s style as an art photographer is whimsical and dark. Edward Gorey and Tim Burton and The Cure. The shoot involved me in a vintage-look cocktail dress, him in a sharp suit and a gas mask. It’s weird and arty and I can’t wait to see the end result.

All of that photography – the exhibition, the photo shoot – and I managed to take not a single meal photo. I really wish I would have thought to snap a quick picture of my Kopi dinner.

So yeah, I was a little too busy yesterday to post a boring recap of what I ate. Today, I’m just super tired, craving bad-for-me and noncompliant comfort foods, and I’m super glad that it’s Friday. That is all.

Whole30 Menu: Day 26


  • A small piece of leftover pot roast
  • Strawberries & mango slices


  • Pot roast and veggies with gravy(leftovers)
  • Roasted sweet potatoes (leftovers)
  • Snack tomatoes
  • Fresh pineapple


  • Banana
  • Roasted sweet potatoes (leftovers)

These are “snack-ish” because I was worried about finding something I could eat at a restaurant. We didn’t have any particular plan for where to go, so I wolfed down some pre-dinner so I wouldn’t starve if I couldn’t figure anything out.


  • Roasted baby red potatoes
  • A scrambled egg
  • A pot of orange spice black tea

I needn’t have worried. We ended up at Kopi, a cafe in Andersonville that I know pretty well. The potatoes are roasted in oil, not butter. The scrambled egg is just an egg, nothing added. It sounds so plain, but I was just so pleased to find a way to eat that I didn’t mind.

Whole30 Menu: Day 27


  • Fried egg
  • Sliced kiwi fruit


  • Mixed green salad with red onion, tomatoes, artichokes, avocado and salmon
  • Topped with Tessamae’s Crack Pepper vinaigrette

Because I didn’t cook last night, I didn’t have leftovers ready to go and frankly, I’m tired of the pot roast. Like, I’m ready to throw it out rather than take another bite of it. But I didn’t have time to make anything, and I’m getting tired of the Whole Foods hot bar, too. So I opted for a salad from Mixed Greens. However, I didn’t trust any of the dressings not to have sugar. To solve this, I ended up putting my bottle of Tessamae’s into a freezer bag in my purse, ordered the salad to-go without dressing, and topped it once I was back in the office.


  • Raisins
  • A handful of Go Raw! Sprouted Seeds spicy cracker-ish things
  • Kettle-cooked potato chips with avocado-cilantro-mayo dip

I found the sprouted seed cracker thingies in the snack cabinet at work, and decided to give them a try when I realized they’re Whole30 compliant. Verdict: They’re okay. The dip I used for the chips is actually the leftover dressing from the crispy chicken salad I had earlier this week.


  • Baked chicken breast
  • Sauteed mushrooms with lemon and Montreal seasoning
  • Cup of light roast coffee with coconut milk

I’m honestly exhausted after yesterday’s late night, so I kept it simple. Coffee with a couple spoonfuls of thick canned coconut milk is the most decadent beverage I’ve managed on Whole30, so that and the potato chips were the closest I could come to satisfying that craving for rich comfort foods. Actually, that coffee combo is a winner that I’ll take with me once the challenge is finished.

How do I feel?

I’m exhausted, and when I’m tired I gravitate toward comfort food. All I wanted this morning was a McGriddle and hash browns. If I wasn’t on Whole30, I would have ordered a pizza for dinner without a second thought. The fact that I had to put thought and effort into food today made me a bit resentful. I’m. Just. So. Tired.