The catered lunch today was Lou Malnati’s pizza, a/k/a the one thing I’ve fantasized about throughout Whole30. I cannot put into words how frustrating it was. To make matters even worse, I forgot to pack my tea this morning.

It was not a good day.

I took a picture of the pizza out of a sense of… I don’t know what, honestly. And I stewed about it all day until I saw it again tonight.

I was so wrapped up in hating life that I didn’t even notice how awful it actually looks. It’s just an unappetizing pile of grease. Especially next to the photo of the salad I threw together for dinner.

Whole30 Menu: Day 25


  • Hard boiled egg
  • Fresh mango slices


  • Herb-crusted sirloin
  • Moroccan carrots and turnips
  • Grilled pineapple

This was my haul from Whole Foods. The sirloin was good, and the grilled pineapple is always wonderful, but the Moroccan carrot and turnips were disappointing. I don’t like raw carrots, and these were still crispy. Maybe someone else would love them, but I definitely did not. I choked down my one bite and the rest went into the garbage – ehich was even more depressing when I knew there was pizza in the kitchen.


  • Pink Himalayan salt potato chips

I picked these up as a treat from Whole Foods and they were just okay. I like the Boulder Canyon crinkle cut avocado oil chips a lot better. They’re the champions of all of the not-quite-compliant potato chips I’ve tried.


  • Baby spinach and arugula salad with vidalia onion, grape tomatoes, radish slices, pistachios, a baked chicken breast, and Tessamae’s Cracked Pepper vinaigrette

See what I mean about greasy pizza vs. chicken salad? That pizza doesn’t even look good. This salad really hit the spot tonight. Who even am I??

How do I feel?

Cloudy, cold and tired. This doesn’t seem to be the effect of the food so much as the weather combined with the day’s mishaps.

As I approach the end of these thirty days, I’m looking ahead to the reintroduction phase. The trick is to find ways to introduce just one ingredient at a time. I’m thinking I’ll make some proper tacos, albeit without the cheese, with homemade flour tortillas. Yep, that’s a thing I do.

I’m also starting to construct some rules to follow.

  • I like the “no added sugar” rule a lot. Keep.
  • If there’s a grain-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, soy-free version of a thing, always choose that one, but otherwise don’t sweat it.
  • Corn is allowed, but only when it’s recognizable as itself. Popcorn and corn on the cob and corn chips are okay.
  • Sticking to mostly dairy-free. Cheese does not go on everything.
  • Pasta is only allowed if I make it myself.

I haven’t worked out any rules for desserts yet. Maybe one sugared dessert per week.

I’m also feeling ready to transition from Whole30 into counting calories again. At the beginning of this, the thought of it was intolerable. I needed to seize control with a different approach. And I have, and I feel committed and ready to level up.