I had so much going on yesterday that I forgot all about writing up the daily post. So here you go, a day late but chock full of awesomeness.

I worked from home since I was expecting the delivery of a new chair for my reading nook – very exciting. Alas, I had almost nothing ready to eat for lunch. And it was a ridiculously gorgeous warm and sunny day, so clearly I needed to get out of the house for a few minutes! Emboldened by my successes with the Whole Foods deli and hot bar, I popped over to Mariano’s to see what I could do with that. 

Well, Mariano’s was disappointing. Nothing in the deli case had ingredients listed, and everything on the hot bar was either breaded or full of cheese and butter. Whole Foods is the clear winner here.

I ended up building a dressing-free salad to take home with me, where I had that bottle of Tessamae’s Cracked Pepper vinaigrette in the fridge.

I won’t lie, it was fab. So while Mariano’s was disappointing overall, their salad bar came through for me in the end.

Once I wrapped up with work, I headed down to Everybody’s Coffee where Veronica Roth and Brendan Reichs were having a book signing. I was early, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and settled in to start reading one of the books that came with my ticket.

Look at me, drinking black coffee like it ain’t no big! This is the first time I really got the concept that coffees can taste wildly different. After some discussion with the barista, I settled on a medium roast from Kenya that was surprisingly tangy, with a touch of sour fruit, and zero bitter aftertaste. I’m kinda blown away.

The event was fun! It was smaller than I expected. Veronica was very sweet answering questions from a couple of young Divergent fans in the audience. Also, her shoes were magnificently shiny.

Brendan is hilarious, definitely the kind of guy you’d have a blast with over drinks. In the signing line, he asked me if I thought he or Veronica was a better writer. For once, I was quick on my feet and told him, “Well, when I got the books tonight, I started reading yours first.” He liked that. We fist bumped.

Both books look like they’ll be fun reads.

And then I came home, excited about reading new books while sitting in my new reading chair, and I forgot to write my Whole30 entry. Oops.

Whole30 Menu: Day 20


  • Prosciutto egg muffin
  • Grapes and pomegranate seeds

I’m including this picture just because I thought the whole tableau was pretty with the morning light coming in and the daffodils starting to open. Even if my table is all scratched up.


  • Salad of mixed spring greens and baby spinach with cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, hard-boiled egg, black olives, red onion, and chicken (Mariano’s salad bar)
  • Tessamae’s Cracked Pepper vinaigrette

Very yummy and convenient, would definitely do this again.


  • Banana


  • Coconut almond black tea
  • Medium roast coffee from Kenya
  • Hibiscus iced tea infused with cinnamon, pineapple, lemon, and fresh mint leaves
  • Strawberry lime herbal tea with a lemon twist

I never include my beverages in my menus, and partly that’s because coffee looks like coffee, and my daily clementine-infused hibiscus iced tea brew is in a blue Contigo bottle that wouldn’t photograph well. But today I was drinking the hibiscus tea from my Revolution Brewing glass and it looked pretty nice. The list above is a pretty good look at what my fluid consumption typically looks like.


  • Shakshuka (last of the leftovers)

How do I feel?

More than anything today, I feel inspired. I found myself idly thinking about what I would cook this weekend. A new story concept occurred to me, and I’ve been busy exploring and constructing that in my head. I haven’t given much thought to my physical wellness because, as usual, I just feel fine. Feeling terrible isn’t preoccupying my thoughts like it might have before Whole30.