I didn’t have any lettuce to pack with my taco salad for lunch leftovers, and this was the perfect excuse to go foraging at Whole Foods again.

Paleo. Spicy. Asian. Chicken. Wings.

Okay, so they weren’t as spicy as I was hoping. But they were large wings and fit the criteria and they were tasty paired with some rosemary roasted potatoes.

While there, I decided to shake up my beverage game with a bottle of Honest T Unsweetened Cinnamon Sunrise Herbal Tea, and threw a bag of fancy Epic cranberry sriracha beef jerky, because normally dried cranberries and sriracha are both off limits. The cranberries were dried with apple juice instead of sugar, and the “sriracha” is just various hot chili spices. Legal!

The dominant flavors in the tea are rooibos, cinnamon, and ginger. I can’t say that I’m a huge rooibos fan, but I hadn’t tried it in many years, my tea palette is a bit more sophisticated than it was then, and I wondered if I might feel differently about it. Alas, no, the rooibos still puts me off a bit. But I did drink the whole bottle, because the cinnamon and ginger really saved it. And it came with a nifty cap quote!

As for the jerky, it’s wonderful. Soft little squares that start off sweet and finish with spicy heat. I felt like Violet Beauregarde describing all of the tastes that came up as I chewed. Wonderful!

Let’s get into the menu.

Whole30 Menu: Day 19


  • Prosciutto egg muffin
  • Mixed green, red, and black grapes


  • Paleo Asian spicy chicken wings
  • Rosemary roasted red potatoes

Three cheers for the Whole Foods hot bar and deli!


  • Epic Beef Cranberry & Sriracha Jerky
  • Fresh pineapple


  • Taco salad leftovers

That lettuce I was missing this morning? I picked it up on the way home. It’s a romaine and green leaf blend.

How do I feel?

Aside from the mental irritation this week, I feel good. I’m getting rather tired of reporting that I feel good. “Like, I don’t know, I feel fine, I guess?” But the truth is that when I started this challenge, I felt bloated and gross and guilty. Now I don’t. I’ve been able to describe how I feel as “good” for 19 consecutive days. That’s kind of amazing.