When I got the chicken breast from Whole Foods yesterday for my lunch, I realized that there was quite a bit in the deli case that I could actually eat. That took the pressure off a bit yesterday since I didn’t want to cook, but wouldn’t have had any leftovers I could pack. 

So today I took myself out to lunch at Whole Foods. They have an entire section of their self-serve buffets devoted to paleo-friendly food, and I could have cried, it made me so happy…

Blackened chicken with roasted sweet potatoes, grilled red onions, and grilled pineapple. Not a bad haul, right?? It almost made up for the fact that this week’s catered lunch at the office included falafels, sweet Israeli couscous, and baklava. Almost.

I watched another episode of The Great British Baking Show tonight and now I want crispy ginger cookies.

Stay strong, self, you’re more than halfway through this thing!

Of course, that’s not quite true. They call it Whole30, but after the 30 days, you spend another two weeks reintroducing food one type at a time. So if you’re doing it right, you aren’t finishing your 30 days and immediately diving into a Lou Malnati’s deep dish, Portillo’s chocolate cake, and washing it down with wine. Which right at this moment, irresponsible as it would be, sounds like a perfectly marvelous way to spend my first day back in the world.

Someday, I’ll know decadence again.

Whole30 Menu: Day 18


  • Banana and almond butter “pudding” with pomegranate arils

Oh my god I did something different for breakfast! STAND BACK, WORLD! All I did was mash up a banana with a fork, stir in some almond butter, a few shakes of cinnamon and cocoa powder, and topped it with the pomegranate seeds. It was pretty good! Next time, though, I’d pair it with a hard-boiled egg to get the protein boost in there. I didn’t have any on hand this morning, though.


  • Blackened chicken breast
  • Roasted sweet potatoes
  • Grilled red onion rings
  • Grilled pineapple

All from the Whole Foods deli.


  • A handful of salted cashews and almonds
  • Potato chips


  • Bison taco salad

The taco salad is basically the same as I made in Week 1, but this time I used bison instead of beef and added a few spoonfuls of some jarred salsa verde along with the homemade pico de gallo.

How do I feel?

I haven’t really had any cravings until now, and I wouldn’t say they’re kicking in hard, but they’re here. I know this is just the part of my cycle where I crave sweets, but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t helping me to forget the cheesy, gooey goodness of a Lou Malnati’s deep dish tonight.