There were free donuts in the kitchen and I was stuck with a kale salad. Awesome. Mere minutes later, I discovered that Whole30 actually forbids potato chips.

This discovery kind of broke me. I’ve been letting myself have potato chips that met all the ingredient requirements from the beginning. They’ve been keeping me sane by satisfying the junk food cravings while staying in bounds, or so I thought, anyway.

I get the rationale, I really do. The program is trying to break you of bad habits, including junk food, and potato chips are junk food even when they’re only got three program-compliant ingredients. However, I also disagree with it. Potato chips are not actually a problem in my life. Maybe every other month or so, I’ll get a craving and make a meal of tortilla chips and pico de gallo. When you restrict that, to starts to feel more like a diet, and this thing isn’t supposed to be about weight loss. And if you ban potato chips, then where do you draw the line? Why is bacon still allowed, so long as it doesn’t include sugar? Why are chicken sausages and red meat allowed? Is there really a qualitative difference between potato chips that come from a bag versus me thinly slicing my own potatoes and putting them in a stir fry with other vegetables? Not really.

So after the donuts showed up, finding out that one of my touchstones of sanity was also verboten was the last straw. The only thing to do was to scream “FUCK THE RULES,” put Rage Against the Machine on Spotify while I seethed about it all afternoon, make a pit stop at Whole Foods on the way home to buy the exact same brand of chips that the Whole30 website calls out, and then use them as a topping for my leftover shakshuka.

In short, I’m making a conscious decision to ignore this particular rule now that I know about it, because I will not be robbed of all of my joy. Not today, Satan!

I also figured I’m due for a knitting update. I’m slowly but surely working my way up the ankle of the second sock of my Speckled Space Socks. I’m knitting these with some Lorna’s Laces that I picked up at their mill ends sale last year, a custom colorway with a gray base flecked with blue, purple and pink. I really just need to block out a weekend to just sit and knit and be consciously away from the internet. Alas, I’ve been kinda busy with cooking and blogging lately. But here’s a preview for you. It’s so purty…

With luck, I’ll make it to YarnCon next weekend!

Whole30 Menu: Day 17


  • Prosciutto egg muffin
  • Mixed fruit with papaya, strawberries, blueberries and pomegranate arils


  • Massaged kale salad (leftovers)
  • Cold rosemary baked chicken breast

I was out of flank steak, so I popped over to the Whole Foods deli counter to see if they had any ready-to-eat options that fit the bill. Huzzah for the rosemary chicken breasts! I also spotted more than a few things I can eat, so I’m planning to head back for lunch tomorrow rather than pack the BentGo.


  • Handful of raw unsalted almonds
  • Potato chips and salsa verde
  • A honey mango


  • Shakshuka (leftovers) topped with potato chips


How do I feel?

Physically, I feel fine. Emotionally, there’s a sort of frustration and anger bubbling to the surface. The donuts on the counter. Smelling a co-worker’s oatmeal cooking in the microwave. Thinking too often about Portillo’s chocolate cake. Discovering that the potato chips that I thought were safe are not allowed and then stamping my feet about it. It’s not quite a meltdown, but I’m kinda over the whole stupid thing.

I’m focusing on Friday. A new reading chair that I ordered last month is going to be delivered, and then I’ve got Veronica Roth’s book signing that evening. Since the furniture delivery works on a “window” system, I’ll work from home, in my cozy leggings and Yoda slippers with a cat on my lap and won’t have to see or smell my co-workers’ food.

I’m going to end my night with a pot of tea and try to chill out more about that potato chip thing before bed. Arrivederci.