When my friend Kelly Hurst sent around the invitation to the fundraiser she’s holding in Chicago for her nonprofit Being Black at School, I was 100% on board. I just had to wait until pay day to buy a ticket.

And then I wondered, “Will I still be doing Whole30 on April 1st?” So I pulled up a calendar and counted it out and… yep. I’ll still be on the program.

Kelly and BBAS are so worth it, but you can use your imagination and insert a very bitter, sarcastic yay here as I sip my water and lemon, two days shy of enjoying some wine.

I know y’all want to roll your eyes at me and mutter something about First World problems and white ladies. Go right ahead. Despairing over the wine is just where I am right now. On the day, I’ll shut up about the damn lemon water and it’ll be all about the the good work BBAS is doing to truly level the playing field in education for black kids. They deserve a lot better than some white lady whining about her self-inflicted diet limitations.

It’s Wednesday, and at work that meant lunch was catered. Today’s buffet was BBQ. I grabbed my own box lunch from the fridge, then took a pass down the lunch line just to smell the barbecue sauce and the mac and cheese before settling in at my desk with my curried chicken salad. It’s just not the same, y’all.

I don’t have sugar cravings. But it’s BBQ. And mac and cheese. Right there.

Books. Let’s talk about books. After listening to my friends rave about the Dresden Files books for years, I finally got my hands on an ebook copy of Storm Front from Chicago Public Library. If you’re not borrowing ebooks from CPL through Overdrive, you’re depriving yourself of one of our fair city’s most valuable resources. Anyway, it was cute. I’d read book 2. It’s the paranormal equivalent of a beach read. There’s nothing wrong with that, though I’m not sure it’s something I’d prioritize.

My tastes tend to run more in line with the New York Times’ 10 Best Books of 2016Fates and Furies was lyrical. I’m dying to read The Life-Writer and have a copy waiting at the top of my pile. I’m currently enthralled by The Neapolitan Series, which I know not everyone loves, but I’m loving it so damn much. I’m near the end of Book 2 and had to forcibly cut myself off last night when I looked up to find that it was after midnight.

That’s life as I know it today. Let’s dive in to the menu.

Whole30 Menu: Day 11


  • Prosciutto egg cup
  • Fresh pineapple


  • Curried chicken salad over romaine lettuce
  • Snack tomatoes
  • Black grapes

It ain’t barbecue, but it was still pretty tasty. Also, I love my little BentGo lunchbox.


  • Handful of raw unsalted almonds
  • Boulder Canyon Coconut Oil Kettle Cooked Potato Chips


  • Chicken breast (leftovers)
  • The end of the fresh pineapple
  • A handful of snack tomatoes
  • More potato chips

How do I feel?

Other than resentful about the barbecue and knowing I’ll miss the wine at the fundraiser by two lousy days? Just fine. Nothing new to report. The menu is getting repetitive, so I’m looking forward to creating a whole new meal plan and getting a fresh batch of groceries in play. Shakshuka, baby!