Hello, hello! It’s been awhile, eh? I’ve been a bit busy and distracted. Knitting-wise, I’ve been in a total rut, running through sock pattern after sock pattern. I haven’t been too excited about much of anything I’ve made, except for maybe a cowl that I made from some¬†bright lemon-lime angora I found in Paris. Which I totally should have written up but somehow did not.



“Oh, this? I made it myself with some French angora I picked up in Paris over New Years.”



Anyway, this summer I’ve been determined to work through my stash. Because let’s face it, as glam and ridiculously amazing as New Years in Paris was, I came out the other side kind of broke. So spending money on yarn when I literally have an entire shelving unit in my office devoted to stash yarn was a no-brainer.

And that’s how I came to rediscover the big bag of DROPS wool that I’d brought home from Barcelona a couple years ago. I have a bad habit of buying yarn as a vacation souvenir with no idea of how I’m going to use it. And knowing that I can’t exactly buy additional skeins later, I tend to buy waaaay to much of it. Seriously, what do you do with 1200 yards of 100% wool? That’s one hell of a hot, itchy sweater, eh?

Finally, I settled on the idea of a felted bag. I especially loved the idea of a Japanese knot bag – partly because it didn’t require buying separate purse handles and partly because I love asymmetry in knitting projects. Keeping in theme with my frugal summer, I decided to see if I could create a pattern for it myself rather than buy something.

And this is what happened.




Not too shabby, I think.

I’ve made Hachidori available on Ravelry for $4.99.