I’m still under Black Friday’s thumb, so on Saturday I dyed more yarn. I haven’t made much progress on my current knitting project since Black Friday is a needy little bitch. Dyeing is much less demanding, only needing attention in short bursts.

This time out, my friend Maarit picked peach mango. Amy asked for grape. And I wanted teal, which I figured that I could get out of a combo of mixed berry and a teal egg tablet.

Here’s the before shot:

Undyed merino wool yarn

First I laid a base color of peach mango, which is also a dark, slightly orange-toned yellow, precisely the color of mango flesh. 


Next, I twisted the yarn up into a loose skein and bombed it with mixed berry, the egg tablet, and a few drops of neon blue McCormick’s food coloring. Because the yarn is twisted up like this, only the outer portions absorb the dye. It doesn’t penetrate very far, so the yellow interior is pretty well protected.

Dyeing with Kool-Aid in a Crockpot


This is what the yellow-teal yarn looked like fresh from the slow cooker, pre-wash. I use a smidge of Dawn dish soap and lukewarm water to rinse.

Variegated Kool-Aid Yarn


And the final product, all dried and twisted up pretty and photographed in good light:

Yellow and teal hand dyed yarn


The thing I like about this method of creating variegated yarn is that the knitted effect ends up being pretty random. The teal turned out more green than I wanted, but hey, we all learned in kindergarten that yellow + blue = green. So there you go.

But what about Amy’s grape suggestion? I decided that I wasn’t done for the day, and so I did this one too:



This skein done was done much like the red/purple Cherry Bomb yarn I dyed last week. First, I dunked one end into a mason jar with a single packet of grape. Then, I transferred the yarn to a slow cooker of clear water, and sprinkled in a combination of pina pineapple and peach mango, then agitated it lightly with some barbecue tongs. This way the yellows would be more variegated. the purple knob was held above the water line, of course. Knitted up this should turn out to be a tonal yellow with stray bits of purple, but not enough to stripe.

It’s 9 days until Black Friday and I still have two skeins of naked yarn left. You’ve been warned…