For the microscopic minority of you who don’t know me in real life, by day I am an SEO Manager, and one of the websites I work with deals with all things Black Friday. We post all of the Black Friday ad leaks we can get our hands on, and because they’re leaks and not official releases from the retailers, they can come at any time of day. When they arrive, my phone sounds an alarm that strongly implies that we’re all on a submarine and about to die. I picked it because it had to be loud and obnoxious enough to wake me up in the middle of the night. When the alarm sounds, I must drop what I’m doing and attend to whatever just happened. That pretty much kills my social life, since I either must bring my laptop with me everywhere, or just resign myself to never going anywhere.

For me, Black Friday isn’t just a single bargain basement shopping day – it’s more like 30 days of house arrest with a colicky baby. I’m more or less trapped at home by Black Friday, and since I’m going a bit stir crazy (with 19 more days to go), I’m doing whatever I can to keep myself entertained.

And do you know what I find entertaining? DYEING YARN. Who’da thunk it, right? (Shut up.) So I ordered myself a bunch of Knit Picks Bare fingering (get your mind out of the gutter, Dave, it’s yarn). Thank you to the internet gods who magically bring whatever my heart desires directly to my front door…

For my first skein in this batch, I polled my Facebook friends: which Kool-Aid colors should I use?

“Black cherry,” the abovementioned Dave wrote. And thus it was decided.

But I’ve never been able to bring myself to just dye a skein of yarn a single color. I’m a variegated yarn junkie, and it totally shows in my experiments with Kool-Aid and my slow cooker. Here’s the before photo.

Yarn Before Kool-Aid Dye


The first step was to dump one packet of Grape into a mason jar with hot water, then shove one end of the yarn in the jar to soak it up. Once that was done, keeping the Grape purple end above the water, I put the rest of the skein into the slow cooker with three packets of Black Cherry.

When I pulled it out, I noticed the purple end still had a lot of white on the inside. So I repeated the mason jar trick, this time with a packet of Mixed Berry to layer in some blue. Once that was done, I decided the red wasn’t dark or saturated enough, so the yarn went back into the slow cooker, this time with two Tropical Punch and one Grape mixed together, with the dark purple end again held above the water line.

Finally happy with the result, I set it up on the rack to dry.

Freshly Dyed Red and Purple Kool-Aid Crockpot Yarn


And once it was dry this afternoon, I twisted it up and took it outside for prettier shot, because the light in my apartment completely sucks.



I love it. The way the bright blue peeks out from the middle of the deep purple section? Love love LOVE it. I’ve been trying to think of what to call it since it seems to want a name, and I’m thinking it has to be “Cherry Bomb”. I cannot wait to turn it into a new pair of socks.

I have four skeins of bare yarn left… what color should I dye next?