Lush and Lazy Trapeze Sweater

I spent a day at Stitches Midwest this summer. It was my first yarn convention. It was okay. Yes, I bought some yarn (though not that much, only three skeins), and some stitch markers. I really did not go crazy. I don’t have much to say about it, other than it was a lot of yarn in a big fluorescent-lit warehouse convention center type place.

Towards the end of the day, I spotted a sweater sample on a mannequin and immediately I knew I had to make it. It was lacy, and soft and fuzzy and drapey and OHMYGOD I HAD TO MAKE IT.

$7 later I had a copy of Knitter’s Magazine with the pattern. It had some crazy looking thing on the cover that the guy I was dating at the time referred to as the “space lamprey sweater”. If you have this magazine, you totally know how perfect that is.

I did not make the space lamprey sweater. I did make the Lush and Lacy Trapeze by Brooke Nico, and I even made it with the same gray Lotus Mimi yarn, which is 100% mink. Did you know they make mink yarn? Because I didn’t know they make mink yarn, and it is surprisingly affordable, and it is my new most favoritest thing. It is so flippin’ soft. I could pet it all day.

Here, look at this cool thing that I made.

Lush and Lazy Trapeze Sweater

Gray Lace Sweater

Hand Knit Lace Sweater

Gray Mink Hand Knit Sweater

This is hands down my favorite sweater that I’ve ever made. I’m in love with mink.