Declan's Hat in Purple

It’s been quiet around this here blog lately. That’s what happens when all of your projects are for people who are known to peek in at this thing from time to time.  I’ve been knitting like mad to get things done.

Undina Dress for Brianna

My 3 and a half year old niece Brianna turned up in a photo a few days ago wearing a sweater I made for her when she was about 21 months. “Does that really still fit her??” I asked my sister in disbelief. “Not really,” she replied, “But she loves it and wants to wear it anyway.” Brianna is also going through a phase wherein she insists on wearing only dresses. Apparently, pants have been deemed unacceptable. So I made her a new sweater dress.

Undina Sweater Dress

The pattern for Brianna’s dress is Undina and Lir. I made the Undina version, adding an extra 3 inches to make it more of a dress for our little fashionista. Yarn is Knit Picks Swish Bare DK dyed with Kool-Aid in my slow cooker.

Cicada Pullover for Macie

When I made Macie’s first sweater for her, I had only just learned to knit a month prior and had not yet learned how to do a stretchy bind off. The result was a really cute pink and purple bolero sweater with really tight cuffs. This year, I made a Cicada Pullover for Macie, now 2 years old.

Cicada Pullover Cabled Yoke Sweater

As with Brianna’s Undina dress, this Cicada was made with Knit Picks Swish DK Bare, dyed with Kool-Aid in a crock pot. I alternated between two skeins every other row to break up any pooling. I loved how this colorway turned out so much that I plan to redo it to make something for myself!

Spirograph Headband and Infinitude Cowl for Chrissy

When Chrissy and I ran the Hot Chocolate 5K in downtown Chicago in early November, Chrissy decided to pick up some cheap ear warmers at CVS. With that in mind, I made her a Spirograph Headband – a cute hat made with some cherry red Berroco Vintage with a hole in the top for a ponytail.

Spirograph Headband

And when you’re a grown up, your accessories should match. So I made an Infinitude Cowl to go with it.

Infinitude Cowl in Berroco Vintage

I have three notes to share about these two items. First, I want to make a Spirograph Headband for myself, though I think I’ll make the shorter version. Second, I really liked making the Infinitude Cowl. It was my train project for awhile since it’s a dead simple pattern. Third, I liked the Berroco Vintage a lot more than I thought I would.

Green Bay Packers Beard Hat for Brandon

I want to be clear: I am not a Packers fan. I am a Broncos fan by way of nine years spent in Denver, and a Bears fan by blood, so I feel obligated to grumble a bit about making anything in green and gold for my Packers fan brother-in-law. But honestly, the idea of making a beard hat for Brandon was irresistible. I think the yarn is mostly some kind of chunky Cascade, but the yellow stripes were something else that I don’t recall. At any rate, he loved it, and was willing to model it for me.

Green Bay Packers Beard Hat

The beard hat is a combination of two different patterns: a Garter Stitch Beard sewn onto a Man Hat.

Last Minute Hats for Brianna and Macie

Brianna showed up at church on Sunday wearing the purple owl hat I made for her last winter. It’s an adorable hat, but it was too small – she was holding onto it with both hands to pull it down hard to cover her ears. She loves it, though, and insisted on wearing it to church anyway. Clearly, Brianna needed a new purple hat, and I had 2 days to make it happen. I talked Mom into making a trip into town before the Bears game to procure purple yarn. My favorite LYS in Freeport is closed on Sundays, so JoAnn Fabrics was the only game in town. I picked up some purple and pink Caron’s Simply Soft, the best of JoAnn’s limited selection. Mom found silk flower pins that we knew Brianna would love, too. Then we went home and I got to work making Declan’s Hat.

Soft Cabled Hat in Purple

This hat took me roughly eight hours to make, knitting pretty much non-stop through the Bears game straight until bedtime. I would not choose acrylics under normal circumstances, but the final result was totally worth it, and even better with the flowers pinned onto it. The pattern is great – simple and intuitive cable pattern resulting in a very stretchy, hat that’s perfect for a growing kid like Brianna. I’m seriously considering making one (adult-sized, and with a much nicer yarn) for myself.

But I can’t make a hat for Brianna and not also make one for Macie. That’s where the pink Caron’s Simply Soft comes in. I decided to make pink and purple stripes using the Knitted Hats for the Whole Family pattern from Jimmy Beans Wool.

Basic Striped Hat with Eyelets

I made up the stripe pattern as I went, and threw an eyelet row into the fat stripes to make it more interesting. I’ve got more details on how to do the stripes and eyelets here. It turned out so freaking cute! I think this one took me about six hours on Christmas Eve.

And that’s all of it. PHEW. Everything seemed to go over well, and I’m looking forward to getting photos of the girls in their sweaters and hats!