I’ve been quiet. But see, there’s this thing called “Christmas” coming up, so blogging about what I’m working on is kinda not happening.

But I can give you a sneak peek at the yarn I dyed for two of my secret Christmas projects.

Yarn dyed with Kool-Aid in a slow cooker

Secret Project #1

Secret Project #2

I am absolutely in love with the blue-green stuff, and I have almost a full skein left over for myself! Kinda pleased about that, though I have no idea yet what I’ll make with it.

It hasn’t all been Christmas knitting projects, though. I had a skein of Noro Nadeshiko that I picked up a few weeks ago and I really, really wanted to do something with it NOW RIGHT NOW. Then I was in Tampa for a conference last week and decided I needed a project for the airplane – something simple enough that I wouldn’t need to keep a pattern close at hand. So I grabbed some big needles and cast on with the Noro to make a Quick and Thick Ribbed Cowl. The Noro definitely runs thick and thin, and the angora spun into it makes it very, very fuzzy.


Thick and Quick Ribbed Cowl in Noro Nadeshiko

It is very soft and fuzzy! ♥


I’d never worked with Noro before. The feel of it in the skein really turns me off, but so many knitters love Noro that I was curious. I don’t know what the other lines are like, but I’m glad I took the chance with the Nadeshiko. It’s difficult to match it to a pattern since the yarn has so much going on all at once, but it worked up so incredibly soft and warm that I refused to take the cowl off for two days after I finished it. And then I only did so because, well, I had to go to work and it didn’t match my outfit.

I did make a few modifications to the pattern that are worth noting. First, I cast on 76 instead of 80. Second, instead of 5 rows rib and 6 rows knit, I did 5 rows of each per repeat. Total repeats was four, plus one more ribbed section. No blocking.

I took photos of two other finished objects, too: my Columbia Beret and another Scrunchable Cowl.


Columbia Beret in madelintosh toshmerino  Yellow Columbia Beret

The Columbia Beret was done in Madelintosh tosh merino. I finished this hat over a year ago and somehow never managed to photograph it until yesterday. Oops…

The Scrunchable Cowl on the other hand, was finished more recently. It was my train project all through Black Friday season at work.

Chunky Knitted Cowl in Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky

Scrunchable Cowl in Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky


Just like I did with the last one, I used Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky, though of course this one is a different colorway. I love the green one so much that I decided that I desperately needed a second one just like it.

I am currently working on my final Secret Christmas Project, then I can go back to knitting stuff for myself. Which is a good thing, because I think I have yarn stashed for at least four different sweaters and three pairs of socks and I am dying to get started on them.

And now, other than the projects I just can’t tell you about yet, you’re all caught up. Ta da!