I started this project back in February when I decided that what I wanted more than anything else in the world was a big smooshy orange scarf. I found the softest cream-colored chunky baby alpaca, gave it the crockpot treatment to make it orange. The scarf became my train project, and then was set aside as I moved from Rogers Park to Edgewater and the weather warmed. I picked it up again a few weeks ago and now, ta da! I have a soft, warm orange scarf.

Orange Drop Stitch Scarf

Orange Weekend Scarf Detail

The pattern is based on the weekend scarf by london leo, and yes, I say “based on” because I modified it. Here’s how I roll with this scarf:

Cast on to desired width. Knit across first row, then follow the pattern below:
1. (K, YO)* to last stitch, K1.
2. Knit across, dropping all yarnovers.
3. Knit across.

You can see why this scarf made a great train project, right? Very simple to memorize.

The third pattern row is the variation, and what this does is alternate the number of purl rows visible between the drop stitch rows. If you follow the weekend scarf pattern exactly, then one side has a single repeating purl row while the other side has two. For some reason, the unnecessary asymmetry bothered me. Adding the extra knit row makes it truly reversible since the purl rows alternate – one row, two rows, one row, etc.

My early project notes complain that the baby alpaca wasn’t as dreamy soft after dyeing as it was when bought. That’s still true, but it’s still a very sweet, soft scarf. I’m tempted to brush it with a a stiff bristle brush to make it a fuzzier, look more broken in.



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