Yes, I’m still working on the Pomme de Pin cardigan. In fact, it’s all sewn together and I started adding the front and neck trim just this morning, though I had to redo the part about picking up 300+ stitches three times before I got it right.

I blocked the pieces before assembling them, and while it was drying I decided to use some Malabrigo (bought on impulse a few months ago at Sifu Design Studio) to knock out a hat. It took a little longer than I intended and required the purchase of a size 3 circular needle that I didn’t happen to have, but I finished it this morning!

Molly Hat in Malabrigo Worsted SFO Sky

I’ve had my eye on the Molly hat pattern since last winter. I love the simple waffle-like texture paired with a single fat cable. It’s also mostly knit on a size 6 needle, which in a worsted weight yarn yields a really nice, dense fabric that will be nice and warm during the Chicago winter.

Truth be told, knitting this hat was rather boring. Most of the pattern is just a knit stitch, with a knit/purl row thrown in every so often to create the texture. And you only have to deal with the cable every eighth row. But if you’re looking for a mostly mindless project that winds up being a very cute hat, then Molly is a good pattern.

It’s been so long since I finished a project for myself that I’d forgotten how good it feels!

I have one more skein of this same mottled gray Malabrigo. I’m on the lookout for a good fingerless mitt pattern to match the hat.

I’ll sign off from this post by going back to the post of Doctor Who knitting projects. I attended a viewing party tonight for the season premiere, where one guest was knitting and another was crocheting. That closes the loop rather nicely, don’t you think?



  1. I am trying to do Molly hat bur confused on directions. Once I have changed to larger needles and completed that round, rnd 1 says P1 work 16 st cable patt. beginning with Rnd. the confusing part is am I doing the CBF only or the C8F, C8B. Am I doing back cable then front cable or just back cable. And do I continue knitting rnds. 4-8 after that. HELP

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