I’m just a little excited that my favorite Doctor is back with new episodes on September 1st. I seriously love me some Doctor Who.

So do a lot of other knitters, apparently. And how to knitters express their love for the Doctor? They knit stuff inspired by the series. Much of it is delightfully silly, right in keeping with the silliness of being in a time traveling vintage police box that’s bigger in the inside with a half mad Time Lord. When I run across one of these fan knits, I typically squeal a bit, make a mental note that I should make whatever it is for my friend Drew, whose Whovian tendencies put me absolutely to shame, then forget all about it.

I have no Doctor Who knitting projects of my own to share, but in honor of the premiere, I’ve pulled together a collection of some of the best out there. Fair warning, there are lots, ranging from common to utterly obscure. LOTS.

The Doctor

Doctor Who Scarf

Dr. Who Scarf (by VelvetCrawdad)

10th Doctor Who Amigurumi

10th Doctor (by CaptnHook)

10th Doctor Who Amigurumi

The Doctor and his TARDIS (by Atalante)

Doctor Who David Tennant Illusion Knit

Doctor Who Illusion Knit (by Steve Plummer)

Doctor Who Purse

Purse featuring The Doctor, Amy, Rory and River (by pureskies)

Doctor Who Matt Smith Doll

11th Doctor Doll (by pixelatedmushroom)


The Doctor and Rose

Doctor Who Amigurumi

The Doctor, Rose, the Fat Babies and the Tardis (by AmmersVI)

10th Doctor and Rose Amigurumi

10th Doctor and Rose (by Meredith Parker)


Tardis Socks

Tardis Socks (by bear-ears)

Doctor Who Tardis Sweater

Tardis Sweater (by Pezqueen)

Tardis Shawl

Lacy Tardis Shawl (by Kate Atherley)

Tardis Kindle Cozy

Tardis Kindle Cozy (by lyndseynicole)

Tardis Hat

Tardis Hat (by Shawna Snyder)

Tardis Knitted Hat

Another Tardis Hat (by Randi Sanders)

Tardis Yarn Bomb

TARDIS Yarn Bomb (by Cheshire-Cat)

Tardis Travel Mug Cozy

Tardis Travel Mug Cozy (by Kasia Zubrzycki)

Tardis Tote Bag

Bigger on the Inside Tote Bag (by jen2291)

Tardis Tissue Box Cover

Tardis Tissue Box Cover (by Charla Henney)


Amy Pond

Amy Pond Scarf

Amy Pond’s scarf from The Pandorica Opens (by asthrom)

Amy Pond Amigurumi

Amy Pond (by mutton)

Amy Pond and Eleventh Doctor Amigurumi

Amy and the 11th Doctor (by hells456)


River Song

River Song Amigurumi

River Song Amigurumi (by ilwin)

River Song's Diary Knitted

River Song’s Diary (by hells456)


Donna Noble


Donna Noble Scarf

Donna Noble’s Scarf (by TangledThread)


Knitted Daleks

Extermiknit! (by Penwiper)

Dalek Fingerless Gloves

Dalek Fingerless Mitts (by Laura Isaac)

Dalek Egg Cozy

Dalek Egg Cozies (by Lyles Knit)

Dalek Baby Sweater

Mummy’s Little Dalek (by Allison Bitter)



Cybermen Baby Sweater

Cybermen Toddler Sweater (by jknitsmith)

Cybermen Amigurumi

Cybermen Dolls (by Knitronomicon)



Ood Ski Mask

Ood Ski Mask (by liliana5)

Ood Amigurumi

Ood Amigurumi (by lilbandade)

Ood Doll

Ood Doll (by Renoah)


Weeping Angels

Weeping Angel Knitted Pillow

Weeping Angel Pillow (by Erin Jones)

Weeping Angel Amigurumi

Weeping Angel Amigurumi (by casey2)

Weeping Angel Knit

Weeping Angel Pillow (by KnitterWho)



Doctor Who K9 Amigurumi

K9 Amigurumi (by hells456)



Cassandra Doctor Who Knit

Cassandra Amigurumi (by mazzmatazz)


The Face of Boe

Face of Boe Amigurumi

Face of Boe Amigurumi (by hannahkate)


Fat Baby

Fat Baby Doctor Who Knit

Fat Baby Doll (by lyndseynicole)



Idris Doctor Who Knit

Idris Doll (by Aobhro)


Daleks and Cybermen and Time Lords, Oh My!

Doctor Who Socks

The Ultimate Whovian Socks (by giacchina)



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