I’m not dead! It’s just been a very busy summer. Tonight you’re getting a few quick picture-free updates and a promise about a future post.

Pomme de Pin
Still working on it. I’m almost done with the second sleeve. Then everything will get blocked before being sewn together for the final bit of edging. I’m also working on a Vortex Shawl with some black and turquoise Zauberball. That’s mostly my Tuesday night project since the pattern is pretty mindless, but I’m already getting bored with it.

Tuesday Night Knitting Group
Like a stray cat that keeps showing up at your back door, I’ve started hanging out with a cool local knitting group at a cool local boho cafe. This is cool because (A) it gets my nerdy fat ass out of the house and (B) I get to hang out with people who understand when I talk about going to Windy Knitty to pet the yarn as though it were a zoo.

Speaking of My Fat Ass…
Probably the biggest reason I haven’t been around too much is that I’ve spent a good chunk of my summer slogging through Couch to 5K and obsessively tracking my calories and weight. Yes, I’ve been subjecting innocent bystanders on the lake trails to the half gimpy shambling that I try to pass off as jogging. On the days that I’m not running, I’ve been paying some skinny bitches to torture me at the Bar Method studio in Lakeview. This pretty much has replaced most of my knitting for the time being. Not all of it, mind you, but dammit if getting fit isn’t cutting into my knitting time.

Do you want to know what my motivation for all of this is? Of course you do.

I want to knit cute sweaters for myself that use less yarn and take less time to make.

What better motivation is there when you’re a knitter?

I’ve been pretty successful with all of this so far, so hopefully I’ll be making smaller sweaters for myself by Christmas. If you want more, less snarky info about how I’m doing this, go read my other blog. I’ve laid out my whole strategy over there.

Who Done Knit?
Finally, I’ve wanted to do a Dr. Who themed post for awhile, and I expect that’ll happen soon now that the season premiere is on the horizon.

Hey, who turned out the lights?
Oh right, that was me. It must be bedtime.