Whenever I feel the need to destroy something, I rip up a sweater.

No real destructive streak to speak of yesterday, but I did wake up in the mood to do some dyeing, and that meant that I had to unravel a sweater first. I picked a rescued merino/angora ugly pale blue thing that couldn’t decide whether it wants to be tweed or heather. I got six skeins like these out of it.

Recycled Yarn from a Thrift Store Sweater

I skeined these three, then threw into a soup pot with some lukewarm water to prep the yarn, then went for a walk down by the lake while it soaked.

Lake Michigan, Chicago

Foster Beach, Chicago

Foster Beach, Lake Michigan

It was a gorgeous day and I live two blocks from the lake. No brainer.

Back at home, I put the skeins in the crockpot with some piƱa pineapple and orange Kool-Aid. The basic idea is to give it a brownish base color.

Yarn dyeing in a crockpot

A few hours and a lot of freestyling later, this is what I pulled out of the pot:

Kool-Aid Yarn Dyeing

Yarn Dyed With Kool-Aid

Crockpot Dyed Yarn

Ahhh, MUCH better! This is yarn I can work with! Any suggestions on what I should make with it? It’s roughly a DK weight.



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