I’m having a torrid affair with the Pomme de Pin Cardigan. So far the pattern has been easy to follow, it’s visually interesting, the repeats are easy to memorize, it’s easy to spot when my brain goes AWOL and I frak it up… and I picked awesome yarn to boot. I am in love.

First, here’s the yarn:

Malabrigo Arroyo Coffee Toffee


“Pomme de Pin” apparently means “pine cone”. I would have thought “pineapple”, given the “pomme”, but the name apparently refers to the pine cone lace pattern that makes up the body of the sweater. I loved the idea of sticking to shades of brown to take the reference even further. One of the reasons I’m including this photo is that the ones that follow don’t show off the color very well, but this one is pretty close.

So let’s take a look at my progress.

Handmade Ceramic Yarn Bowl

But wait, first check out my sweet handmade ceramic yarn bowl! It was a Christmas gift from my parents, from an artist on Etsy. I wish I remembered the store name to link it up, because it is awesome. Yeah, I’m bragging a little here. Bite me.

Anyway, you can see in the photo above that the lace will require blocking at the end to open it up. Here’s an approximation of what it’s going to look like once that happens:

Pine Cone Lace in the Pomme de Pin Cardigan

I am really, really pleased with how this is turning out. The lace looks complicated but is actually pretty simple. It’s easy to memorize and interesting enough that I’m not instantly bored. God, I hope it fits when I’m done. Wouldn’t that be nice? Keep your fingers crossed.