Awhile back, I picked up some Chroma Worsted from KnitPicks in the colorway Mix Tape. Because how could I not, right? Especially KnitPicks said it was being discontinued? That’s right. I needed to rescue two skeins immediately, rehome them in a nice, loving yarn stash.

As I was moving, I needed a mindless project to keep my hands busy and decided it was time to figure out what the Mix Tape yarn wanted to be. I must have started and pulled out a half dozen patterns before I gave up and improvised. I finished it two days ago, and I love it, so I’m calling it my first successful improvisation.

Look. Look at this beautifully awesome thing that I did.

KnitPicks Chroma Worsted Mix Tape Scarf

Hattie models the awesomeness for you.

Mixed Seeds Scarf by Rebecca Lehmann

My turn to wear it, because Hattie is ambivalent.


Stuff You Need:

  • Size 10 1/2 knitting needles
  • 2 balls of KnitPicks Chroma Worsted or some other worsted weight yarn with long color changing gradients (396 yards)
  • A Battlestar Galactica marathon streaming on Netflix (optional)


  • Cast on 33 (or other odd number).
  • Seed stitch across every row (K1, P1, end row with K1).
  • Alternate between each ball every four rows to create 97 stripes.
  • Use the leftover yarn for fringe.
  • Block by draping over a clothes hanger to get some extra length out of it.

Random mindless scarf of awesomeness, I hereby dub thee “Mixed Seeds”.
To all 3 of you out there reading this, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



  1. Did you carry the yarn for four rows up the side, or did you cut it every time you switched skeins? Please tell me it’s the former. . .


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