I finished the Glam Shells shawl yesterday evening and let it block overnight! Since I made it with Berroco Ultra Alpaca Pea Soup Mix, I’ve taken to calling it the “Pea Shells” shawl. She sells pea shells by the lake shore. Or something like that since I’ve got no sea shells and the only waterfront in Chicago is Lake Michigan. Get it? I am much too clever.

Glam Shells Green Shawl

Glam Shells Shawl Pattern

(Clearly I’m also having fun with Instagram now that it’s finally available for Android smartphones.)

I blocked the points wrong, and I’m not sure they would have stayed pointed anyway since I don’t seem to have much luck with blocking points. Plus, I think I skipped a row in the edge pattern. But I kinda like it anyway. It’s light and lacy enough that it will make a great shawl for cool summer evenings outdoors.

I’ve decided that I just am not that fond of the pea soup mix yarn as a solid color. It works best as an accent color. I still have a ton of this stuff, so I guess I’ll be working green accents into everything from now until eternity.

And yes, I know, I know. I’m supposed to be packing, right? Well, I may be spending my time throwing things into boxes, but it hasn’t stopped me from knitting. It just slows me down a bit!