A co-worker has a baby, I make a hat. That’s just how it works, you know?

The latest co-worker baby, a girl, arrived in February, and I have been trying to make a hat ever since.


And, ohhh, is it trying.

The yarn was simple enough. I recycled a bunch of yarn from an old Banana Republic sweater, a soft and fuzzy fingering weight angora/lambswool blend that would be great for a soft and warm baby garment. I decided that I wanted to do something yellow with pink accents, and thus dyed it up like so:

Yellow Pink Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn

Recycled angora/lambswool blend dyed with Kool-Aid flavors Pink Lemonade, Peach Mango, and PiƱa Pineapple.

It turned out much brighter than I had intended, but I like it. Still very girl-baby.

Then I set out to find a hat pattern that worked with the yarn.
And this is where everything has gone horribly wrong.

First, as I mentioned in my last post about the scrunchable scarf that I can’t wear, Chicago completely skipped over Spring. So it’s much too warm for an angora/wool hat. But okay, I’m just going to make a larger size instead and let it be for next Winter. A little disappointing that she wouldn’t be able to wear it right away, but I’ll get over it.

Second, I have started at least three different hats, and frogged them when the colors pooled in a way that did not suit me. And when I finally settled on Mandie Harrington’s Swirl Hat, which was knitting up with some neat pink and mango stripes, I managed to get about halfway through it. I was planning to finish it this weekend, in fact. And then this happened:

Broken Knitting Needle - Acrylic Knit Picks Interchangeable Size 4

Dead needles knit no hats.

Yep, one of my Knit Picks acrylic interchangeable size 4 needles snapped clean in half, mid-row of course. I did find an old set of aluminum size 4 double points after digging around in my knitting bag, but a bunch of stitches were dropped in the rescue attempt until the only reasonable thing to do was to frog the whole thing and start over. On double points instead of circulars. And since I hate using double pointed knitting needles, that means the entire project is pretty much scrapped for now.

So sorry, new co-worker baby, your hat is going to have to wait a bit longer. But what the hell, it’s not like she can wear it until next Winter anyway, right? Sigh.

I think this is my sign that it’s time to start packing for the move.