Knitting spam. I never would have thunk it, but I’ve been hit with a ton of it in the last week (when I was conveniently busy at a conference). The thing that just kills me is that there didn’t seem to be much value in it, at least not from an SEO perspective. Weird international email addresses, very on-topic about knitting though just off enough to obviously not be about the post, and no links. If there’s no backlink, and the spammers are just submitting highly relevant user generated content, then I should be the one to benefit, right? I mean, seriously I do this for a living. I get paid to understand crap like the value of comments and how spammy ones can hurt a site, and I am well and truly puzzled as to why anyone would do it without trying to slip in a few dirty backlinks.

But whatever, that’s all technical shit and not very much about knitting. Just know that it’s all been smited (smote? smitten?) and sentenced to eternal bannination with a CAPTCHA plugin. You hear that knit-spammers? YOU! SHALL! NOT! PASS!

Angry Ball of Yarn

Die, knit-spammers, die!

(Oh hell, now I want to watch the LOTR trilogy, marathon style. Thanks a lot, brain.)

Anyway, here’s the point of all that: To all the real life human not-bot readers out there who might be inclined to comment but hate CAPTCHAs, I apologize, but a few stupid spambots have made this the new Trainknitting status quo.

To make up for it, I’ve got work-in-progress photos from my weekend.

I’ve finished one Nereid Fingerless Glove, and it is so durn cute! This is made with Adriafil Fusione Trends in color 021, and makes me nostalgic for Rainbow Brite and Punky Brewster. If I had a partner in crime, I might photograph these holding handfuls of Skittles. Hard to do without an assistant, alas. So I’ll just prop it up against a pineapple sage plant. Knitting Photography 101: When in doubt, put it on something weird.

Nereid Fingerless Gloves

Nereid Fingerless Gloves in Adriafil Fusione Trends 021

Knitting with Size 1 needles makes me want to kill myself after after awhile, so it goes without saying that I needed a break before starting on the second glove. The only reasonable thing to do was to cast on the Oaklet Shawl with the Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport from my Craftsy mystery box for something in a more reasonable needle size.

Oaklet Shawl in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Andersonville

Lots of soothing, brainless stockinette in this one. I especially love that this colorway is called Andersonville, which is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Chicago. Seriously, I’m trying to buy a house there. It is that cool.

Ooh, and speaking of Chicago, did you know that today is Chicago’s 175th birthday?

All credit for the angry yarn ball illustration goes to Admin_CP339918 on Cafepress. Click on it to go see their awesome store. I totally want a t-shirt.