One of Dad’s pilot buddies apparently has an alpaca farm. So now that Dad has caught on to the fact that alpaca is one of my favorite fibers with which to knit, he’s been talking about going to check out the alpacas. I think it is absolutely adorable that he seems so excited to take me out to an alpaca farm like I’m still 6 years old and we’re going to the petting zoo. (And okay, I’m excited too.)

Anyway, I haven’t done much of anything knitting-related this week, so, in anticipation of this yet-to-be-scheduled trip to Dad’s friend’s alpaca farm, today you get a picture of some alpacas.


These alpacas are clearly plotting something. World domination, perhaps…

The reason this has been a knitting-free week is that I’ve been at SMX West, a search marketing conference in San Jose, California. I love my job, so this has been a really cool week, hanging out with people who not only understand all of the words coming out of my mouth, but totally get why I’m so excited about them. I’ve talked shop so much, tweeted so much (#smx), drunk so much wine at the hotel bar, and eaten so many burritos with “orange sauce” with my tribe this week that I haven’t had time to pull out my train knitting project (temporarily reassigned as a “plane knitting” project) even once.

So I haven’t had much of anything to report here.

But I did spot a fellow attendee wearing a lovely hand-knit shawl.

“Excuse me, did you knit your shawl?”

“Why yes I did!”

Leave it to me to find a knitter at an SEO conference. And to connect with her on Ravelry before Twitter. To understand why that’s a big deal, you must understand that SEOs are always having at least two simultaneous conversations – one by mouth and at least one by Twitter. It is how we communicate. Conference sessions are like the old MST3K episodes where there’s witty commentary running parallel to the show. It’s highly entertaining and a bit wild to keep up with. The constant Twitter sub-chatter is necessary as oxygen, and I still connected with Toni on Ravelry first. Heh.

Her name is Toni, and she’s pretty cool. She says she’s putting a knitting blog of her own together, and when she does I’ll be linking to it.

SMX West wrapped up this afternoon, and the first thing I did was put my Google-fu to good use, looking for a yarn shop nearby. Unfortunately, the closest one was several miles away, and cabs here are stupid-expensive ($15 minimums! WTF!) so I settled for a walk around the hotel neighborhood and snapped some phone photos of palm trees, textures, puddles, and anything remotely interesting. They are currently stuck in my phone and can’t get out. I blame weak 3G and crappy hotel wi-fi. You would think that Silicon Valley would get better service than this.

Back to Chicago tomorrow, where I expect a very quiet weekend of knitting madness to make up for this week’s void. It’ll be a nice, soothing thing to do while recovering from so much socializing. I love you, SEO tribe, but damn y’all are exhausting!



  1. To meet someone that is both a knitter and SEO is quite rare I only know a few. Which may be you and one other person. That person I have never met. I am glad we connected and look forward to following your knitting stories on Ravelry, Pinterest, Twitter and blog. OMG how do we do it and have time to knit too?
    It would have been fun to hit some of the local yarn stores together. There are some pretty good ones in the San Jose / Santa Clara Metro area. But as you found out San Jose is very car centric. Maybe our paths will cross again and we can get our yarn fix at the same time.

    Have fun at the zoo with your Dad and don’t forget to pet the llamas. 🙂


  2. Next time we end up at the same conference, we should organize an SEO SnB! It was a fellow SEO who taught me to knit, by the way. 😉

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