The Secret of NIMH is one of my favorite movies from my childhood. I found it on DVD a few years back and had to bring it home with me. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well it held up all these years later. In the movie, there’s a black crow named Jeremy who has an obsession for collecting yarn.

Secret of Nimh - Jeremy's Love Nest

I can sympathize. My yarn stash was piling up in my living room like Jeremy’s love nest. So today it was cleaned up and put away and I have a living room again!

I also finished two projects yesterday, which passes for exciting news around here. The first was the long awaited Pioneer sweater. The verdict?

Pioneer Sweater

Ugh. It seems to be a flaw of the pattern that the larger the size, the deeper the V-neck plunges, so it goes nearly to my belly button. The stockinette causes the neckline to roll like crazy, even despite the lovely crochet edging.

However, I am fond of the details, like the crochet finish on the neckline and the baby cables, and I am pretty pleased with the way the colors knitted up.

Ooh, ahh, pretty… too bad it’s completely unwearable as a garment.

The other project I finished, fortunately, turned out much better. This is the scarf I’ve been making during my morning commutes on the El. Yay for train knitting!

Red Line Scarf made with Dr. Pepper Yarn

Dr. Pepper Yarn and Weekend Scarf

This fun drop-stitch scarf was made with the Dr. Pepper yarn I dyed a few weeks ago and it is divine. Neither of these photos shows how bloody long the thing is. It is magnificently long. I swear, it doubled in length when I blocked it, and now it must be wrapped around my neck twice before being tied. It is my new favorite thing and I’m excited to show it off!

I’ll wrap this post up with one more photo, of yet another dyeing experiment:

Rainbow Yarn

I fell in love with similar yarn I found on Etsy, but wasn’t prepared to pay so much for it. So I set about figuring out how to reverse engineer it, took at stab at it with some recycled merino/angora, and this was the result. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but it’s pretty cool.

What’s next? Well, I’ve taken up a new train project using the baby alpaca I bought at Sifu and dyed orange, and I’ve got a few hats to knock out this week for gifts.

And now you’re all caught up with my knitting shenanigans.