This picture of Russell Crowe knitting cried to me,”Please, Becky, please make me into a meme. Do it for the kittens.” And who am I to argue with one of the most badass gladiators in Hollywood?

Russell Crowe Knitting

Seriously, there’s so much wrong with this photo.

  • The cheesy Tiger Beat “come hither” head tilt.
  • The knitting needle held like a javelin.
  • The inexplicable measuring tape so obviously draped around his neck as an afterthought.

Show me how a gladiator knits, Spaniard! Show me that cast on technique you picked up while burning villages in Germania!

In other news, I am excited because the Pioneer sweater I’m currently knitting is actually starting to look like a sweater. Patterns! They tell you what to stitch! Amazing!