Craftsy Mystery Box - January 2012

When I was a kid back in the mid-80s, my neighbors had a garage sale. They put a bunch of random trinkets into paper bags, sealed them up, and sold them as mystery grab bags for $1 each. I couldn’t resist. I emptied my piggy bank and went back over and over to buy one bag after another. I remember that Mom was upset with me when she found out that I’d been suckered into such silliness. I have no memory of anything in those grab bags.

But I am apparently still a total sucker, because when Craftsy announced their January Mystery Box sale, well, I leapt at it. At least $50 of random high quality yarn and notions for $25? YES PLEASE!

And wow, I’m glad that I went for it. My box arrived yesterday, and my bounty is pretty awesome.

Craftsy Mystery Box - January 2012

My Craftsy Mystery Box

So what all have I got? It’s all single skeins, and you wouldn’t think that one little skein of anything would go very far, but you’d be surprised at what you can do with it. Here’s the inventory, with prices and product photos pulled from various websites:

Lorna’s Laces Solemate
Colorway: Winona
Retail price: $26

Lorna's Laces Solemate Winona

Photo from

This fingering weight yarn is delightfully sunny and cheerful. It will make a really cute pair of socks! I’m kinda fond of the Twisted sock pattern right now.

Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport
Colorway: Andersonville
Retail price: $11.50

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport Andersonville

Photo from

I’m thinking that this beautiful colorway will make a great small triangle shawl/scarf like the Oaklet Shawl. By the way, Lorna’s Laces, which is a Chicago business, gets brownie points for naming their colorways after Chicago landmarks. The neighborhood of Andersonville happens to be just south of my apartment in Rogers Park and is home to two great yarn shops, Windy Knitty and Sifu Design Studio.

(I’m not sure where Winona fits in to the Chicago naming scheme, but then there are several colorways with names that don’t have anything to do with Chicago, so maybe that’s one of those..?)

Malabrigo Lace
Colorway: Glazed Carrot
Retail price: $8.80

Malabrigo Lace Glazed Carrot

Photo from

You look at this skein and it is tiny. You think that there is NO WAY that anyone could possibly make a functional object from something so small, don’t you? You’d be wrong, because I found Mystique Shawl #209 which I think will make a lovely orange light summer shawl. So, HA!

Lantern Moon 14″ Rosewood Size 8 Needles
Retail price: $26.05

Lantern Moon Knitting Needles Rosewood

Lantern Moon Knitting Needles (Rosewood)

These are, hands down, the nicest knitting stuffs I own. They are long and straight and beautiful and by far the nicest needles I have ever held. They’re certainly a far cry from the cheap bamboo needles on which I first learned to knit!

Total Retail Value of the Mystery Box: $72.95

With shipping and tax, I paid just $32 and change.

I think I finally won the grab bag game, and like a sucker, I can’t wait to play again.

P.S. If anyone from Craftsy is reading this, if you guys ever were to offer a mystery box subscription, I would totally sign up.



  1. When did you order your mystery box? When did you receive it?

    I ordered one back in November and now it’s February and I still have not received it. Your post gives me hopes that I was not scammed.

    • I ordered mine in January and it came about 10 days later, I think. Have you contacted their customer service? I got some nice email from some Craftsy when I first posted this, it definitely gave me the impression that they pay close attention and would be responsive.

  2. Thank you. Yes I did contact their customer service through email and received a pleasant reply. They said they would send out a second box as they could not find the tracking number for the first. I asked about a week later for the tracking number for the second box and yet again they couldn’t find the tracking number. They said they would make sure it was sent and follow up with the tracking number. They also claimed they sent me my money back through Paypal but I have yet to receive that (that was two weeks ago. Thanks for your response

  3. Well, I am glad I came across this. Happy that your mystery box DID have something of worth. Craftsy had one last weekend (3/31-4/1) and I just was afraid that I would get a box of garish colored yarn that NO ONE would want. I have to see the merchandise, mull over it, make comparison price checks before I ever buy their yarn. I will say that they are below retail (in some cases, WAY below retail: a downright steal) in their yarn sales, of great quality and top names. Two weeks ago they had some Rowan Kaffe Fassett 100% lambswool yarn up for sale that normally retails for $24/skein going for $12 for 2 skeins!!! That’s $6/skein!!! Not that a famous designer name will make me buy, I’m sure that’s an factor with some but this was way too good of a steal so I bought as many as I was allowed. I do that with other well priced, below retail yarns specials that they have and I’ll always know I have enough for a good sized project like a sweater, which generally takes about 800 grams to be on the safe side. No, I do not buy their yarn to flip it somewhere else that I’ve seen others do (I’d only resell my yarn if I were desperate) Otherwise, it’s for me, me, me! 😀 I’ve never had the chance in my 30 yrs of knitting except in rare occasions or special projects to buy such luxury yarns and Craftsy makes it possible.

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