WIP: Chunky orange scarf in baby alpaca

I did it! I finished the green hat!


Slouchy Ridges Hat

Green, slouchy and warm!


And I finished unraveling the PINK sweater!

Pink Recycled Yarn

Destined to become a smooshy pink cabled cowl, I think.



I even finally got around to photographing the brown alpaca cowl.

Chocolate Brown Soft Cables Moebius Scarf

Soft Cables Moebius Scarf, made from locally sourced alpaca

And then, while I was on a “finishing things up” roll, I even managed to summon the will to take down my Christmas tree. (I know it’s February. Shut up.)

So I finished the hat and finished unraveling the sweater. The next step in the project monogamy plan was to make my Pioneer sweater, and then finish all of my WIPs before I was allowed to start anything new.

Well, my trip to Sifu Design Studio yesterday derailed that plan a bit. You see, Sifu does this thing where they allow you to trade in unused yarn for stuff you’ll actually use and I was willing to do anything to get rid of all of that crappy Lion Brand Homespun left over from my early days. I doubted that Sifu would be interested, but it was worth a shot and provided an excuse to check out this shop since I’d never been there.

Sure enough, nothing I’d brought was anything they were willing to buy. Single skeins and crap you can get at Jo-Ann really isn’t their style at all. (Though there’s a handy yarn donation bin for unwanted yarn that is then given to charity knitters, so the crappy Homespun found a new home anyway.) The yarn here is not your run of the mill high end fare like Windy Knitty sells, nor is it full of practical, respectable workhorse yarn like Wall of Yarn out in Freeport. The best word I can think of for Sifu’s stock is “curated”. Everything in here sets off the “OOH SHINY!” alarm. Though the stock is small, it is 100% gorgeous – like what I wish my stash was like. And that’s part of Sifu’s charm. You feel like you’re nosing around in the owner’s personal stash.

Of course I fell hard in love with everything, but I kept coming back to the Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky, which was like stroking cherub wings made of dreams and lullabies. It practically emanated harp music. I resigned myself to the understanding that it was coming home with me. I was reaching into the bag to pet it at every stoplight on the drive home.

I decided that it would become a long, orange chunky scarf. And since I wanted that scarf to be orange, and the dreamy baby alpaca yarn was undyed, that meant it went into the crockpot right away. And once I found a pattern for it, I just had to start on it as soon as the newly oranged yarn was dry.

Chunky Alpaca Scarf

WIP: Chunky orange scarf in baby alpaca

This is what I’ll be working on during the Super Bowl tonight. Maybe I’ll get to wear it to a Bears game someday.

So much for the plan, eh? I’m making myself stick to this project though, and then it’s right back on track with me, I promise!