Pink Sweater from Saks Fifth Avenue

Pink. A deep lipstick pink that’s beginning to slide off into magenta but stops just short. That’s how I would describe the next sweater destined to meet my scissors. It’s a Saks Fifth Avenue, 70% silk, 30% cashmere, worsted weight, and pink.

Pink Sweater from Saks Fifth Avenue

This sweater is so pink that Olivia must investigate.

As much as this uber-pink sweater tickles me, I did run into one of the common hazards of shopping in thrift stores: gross, crusty white deodorant marks. No one bothered to clean it before it was donated. Nasty, but nothing a good hand washing in the sink couldn’t fix. (Take THAT, “dry clean only” tag!)

What to do with screamin’ pink silk/cashmere worsted weight yarn? I’m thinking it would be fun to do a big, soft cabled cowl.

My mother gave me a little stink-eye over my destruction of the Ralph Lauren merino/mohair thing, so before y’all start yelling at me for destroying perfectly good designer sweaters, let me mention that this one has an irreparable hole on one of the shoulder seams. Trust me, this is a rescue. I’m giving it a better life.