Crocheter on the El Train

Hello there, adoring public! (All three of you!) I left the city for the weekend and made a very deliberate decision not to take my laptop with me, otherwise I might’ve blessed you with a post. I have a collection of little stuff to write about now, though.


I spotted a fellow yarn artist on the Red Line on Friday.

Crocheter on the El Train

She was making something lacy and black, a shawl perhaps, and I admit to being completely and thoroughly impressed by the complexity of her project. Could I do that kind of project myself? Sure I could. Would I take anything with so intricate a pattern on the train with me? Oh hell no. In my world at least, the El is for mindless knitting. So kudos, anonymous train crocheter! I have much respect for your talent.

Pretty Bobble Scarf

I first spotted this scarf at The Red Barn in Lena, Illinois back in December and thought it was pretty awesome. When I visited again on Sunday it was still there. Just like a knitter, I decided that I didn’t want to buy something that I could probably make myself, tried to study its construction, and, when my inexperience inevitably made itself known, I ultimately took a phone pic to pass around on Ravelry.

Bobble Scarf

Click the photo to enlarge and see better detail.

It was knit lengthwise in a light fingering weight, and my best guess for the bobbles is short rows since the bobbles resemble sock heels. If anyone out there has any suggestions, please post them in the comments. I’d be absolutely grateful because I *heart* this scarf and want it on my needles!

More Blueberry Cobbler, Please

I’m dyeing up more of the Ralph Lauren yarn in the blue-purple “Blueberry Cobbler” colorway right now so that I can try making the Pioneer sweater. This is probably the simplest colorway I’ve designed so far, a very easy recipe. I’m excited to see how that all works out. It’s going to be sooooo satisfying to have something that I created almost from the beginning, picking out the sweater at the thrift store and unraveling it, washing the yarn, dyeing it, and then knitting it up into something entirely new. It’s not quite shearing the sheep and spinning the yarn, but that’s probably next.

In Progress: Tree House Hat

When I created the gold-toned green Tree House colorway I only dyed two skeins of superwash worsted. So I don’t have very much, but it’s probably enough for a hat and a pair of fingerless mitts. I took it to the country with me this weekend and everyone oohed and ahhed over the pretty. (And I admit, it is rather fabulous. I’m kinda proud.) Then they were shocked and amazed to hear it was accomplished with Kool-Aid and food coloring. And then, when I explained how the dye attaches to animal fibers, Dad put two and two together to wonder about what sorts of colors his internal organs may be dyed when Kool-Aid is used as intended by the manufacturer. Awhile later, I realized that our internal body temperature probably never gets high enough for the dye to set properly. So there you go Dad, no need to worry about what color your intestines might be!

I searched around for a hat pattern that was very simple so that it would knit up quickly and show off the colors, but that wasn’t just a bunch of stockinette so that I wouldn’t be completely bored out of my mind with it. I found a hat that uses a welt stitch, also known as a tuck stitch, to create an interesting horizontal cable-like ridge. Talk about a slow and fussy stitch! As a speed knitter I’m finding the welting rounds to be almost excrutiating! I’m not finished with it yet, and I don’t have pictures of my progress thus far, but here’s the video tutorial I used to figure out just what the hell this pattern I found was talking about:

Anyway, we probably have a finished object to look forward to this week. Yay!