I finally, FINALLY finished unraveling the Ralph Lauren sweater! I had band-aids on my fingers at the end since pulling the yarn was cutting into them so hard that they were on the verge of blisters and blood. That would have been no good.

Anyway, if my ad hoc yarn measurement technique is any good, then I got about 1300 yards of super sweet merino/mohair fingering weight yarn out of it. Next, with any luck at all, I will be going from this…

Ralph Lauren Sweater from a Thrift Store

to this…

Recycled Yarn Dyed in a Crockpot

to this…

Pioneer Sweater Pattern

CraftyGirly’s Pioneer Sweater


Now, I have never made a Becky-sized sweater before. I made two itty bitty sweaters for my itty bitty nieces over a year ago, but nothing but hats, scarves and fingerless mitts since then. Nothing where gauge really matters, anyway. I attempted a bolero shrug over the summer, but it wound up being enormous despite using smaller needles than called for to achieve the required gauge. I hated it and frogged the whole thing. Either the pattern sucked or my attempt at gauge was really screwed up. (Incidentally, that is why I now have a crapload of pea green Berroco Ultra Alpaca fingering hanging out in my stash.)

So now, gauge is scary. And the idea of attempting a sweater project, where gauge is crucial, is a bit intimidating. Okay, a LOT intimidating. Especially when my yardage measurements are probably questionable at best.

But I’m going to give it a try. I need to dye the rest of the yarn since I only have 400 yards in that nifty Blueberry Cobbler colorway I created. Luckily I’ve been keeping detailed notes on my dyeing projects as I go. This one was really simple and should be easy to duplicate. There’s a lesson in there, I think. Simple is good.