Since I was a bored kid tagging along with my parents to various antique shows at the county fairgrounds, I’ve collected vintage Dr. Pepper bottles. I think it started off as a way to keep me out of trouble at those shows since bottle sellers were ubiquitous and Dr. Pepper bottles were a little harder to find than Coke and other brands.

I also happen to be hopelessly addicted to this tasty nectar of the gods.

So really it was only a matter of time before my Dr. Pepper addiction was introduced to my knitting addiction and they had fabulous Dr. Pepper yarn babies.

The photo color leaves something to be desired. You’ll have to trust me that this is a beautiful red with darker red accents (taken from the Dr. Pepper logo) and pieces of light green inspired by the green bottle glass. I started making this into a scarf today on the train, a simple 1×1 rib on size 13 needles for a chunky, squooshy scarf. (Train knitting FTW!)

I wish I could show the color accurately, but WordPress completely wrecks the color in my photos. It’s driving me crazy. It looks perfect in Photoshop and then like crap when it’s uploaded. Suggestions from Photoshop gurus are most welcome. Yes I have the profile set to sRGB. Trust me, that’s the first thing I checked. Please, my beloved friends and minions. Please help me show you the pretty things.