My order of Knit Picks Bare arrived yesterday, and of course I couldn’t resist the temptation to immediately throw it in the crockpot with some Kool-Aid. After a few hours of cooking and tinkering I ended up with two skeins (440 total yards) of this:

Green Kool-Aid Dyed Yarn

I named it “Tree House” because the gold-toned green reminds me of sunlight through leaves. Moss and summer and key limes. What should I make with it?

Chicago is currently besieged by a snowstorm and bitter cold. That led me to work from home today, but by 4pm I was a bit stir crazy. I needed OUT. A crazy idea occurred to me – I could go check out the Salvation Army Store down on Devon! Surely there’s an amazing cashmere sweater or two waiting to be rescued and unraveled! Who cares if the roads are bad when my Subaru kicks so much ass in the snow?

I should have known better. The moment I turned the key the radio lit up with reports of public transit shutdowns and road closures. I pressed on and made it two blocks before I decided that this trip was just not going to happen. It would have been fine if there were no other cars on the road, but I was hitting a major traffic artery. During rush hour. In a snowstorm.

But I had a wonderful Plan B, so I hit the neighborhood grocery store, which, bless them, stocks both Mixed Berry and Lemon Lime Kool-Aid. I stocked up on Kool-Aid packets, grabbed my beloved Dr. Pepper, and headed back to my apartment to douse some of the angora/merino fingering weight yarn I pulled out of that Ralph Lauren sweater last weekend. I’m thinking that I need a pair of fuzzy purple socks.

I’ll take another stab at visiting Salvation Army tomorrow. And if that goes well, maybe I’ll check out The Brown Elephant, too.



    • Hi Lolabee, it was just a lot of Kool-Aid in a crockpot. Mostly green, but also some yellow and a touch of orange to tone it down in spots. The basic method is based on this Dyepot Confidential video, keeping the yarn twisted in loose hanks while dyeing.

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