I work in internet marketing, and Pinterest is all the rage right now. That means that I get to spend time at work playing on Pinterest as a means of learning how the site works and understanding how people use it so that we might use it to help build awareness for my company. My job is all kinds of fun!

So, I started a board called “Color Inspiration” and started pinning all sorts of random stuff to it. Van Gogh paintings, vintage travel posters, some of my own nature photography, old book covers, anything where the color combination popped and caught my eye. And then I started finding color cards by Design Seeds and I knew I had to check this site out since they were taking my idea one step further in the direction I was already going with my colorful pin board.

It seems like most of the folks on Pinterest are using Design Seeds for home decor color schemes or wedding colors. The palettes are set up like paint chips, after all. Me, I’m ogling it for yarn, of course.

I am inspired here on two fronts. First, I’m planning to make this completely awesome sweater…

Wendygene’s awesome version of Caramel

…but I need an equally awesome color scheme. After finding Design Seeds today, it seems like a no-brainer to match this pattern to a palette like this one:

Can you totally see it? Wouldn’t you love to have a hand-knitted sweater in these colors? Because I can totally see it and I’m EXCITED!

I’m not committed to this particular color scheme for this sweater, by the way. The truth is that I can’t decide. There are too many awesome ways that it could go.

The second thing is to use these palettes as inspiration for yarn dyeing, specifically for handpainting. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to. I sense it’s easier to control shades and blending with handpainting. You know how I dyed that red/orange yarn and decided it looked like a blood orange? I want to do that again, but on purpose.

So that’s my find of the day. You’re welcome.

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