So, this is a knitting blog, and all I’ve been talking about is unraveling sweaters and dyeing yarn. Which are definitely related to knitting, but which are not actually knitting.


Pop Rocks Moebius Cowl  

I’m calling it the Pop Rocks Cowl. Why Pop Rocks? The colors on this yarn remind me of candy, and the color shifts so quickly that every stitch winds up a different color. Done up in in a seed stitch, it’s a mess of candy-colored pebbles.

Do be honest, I don’t think it’s all that pretty. However, the color is much better than the photos let on. WordPress likes to desaturate the photos I upload, so this looks rather faded and muddy. Which is a fair assessment and the reason I called the yarn “Hot Mess”.  Regardless, it was very satisfying to make something from yarn that I’d reclaimed and dyed myself. Very good experiment, will repeat with better yarn and better patterns!

Here’s the pattern if you’re interested.

Pop Rocks Cowl

You’ll need:

  • Roughly 2 hanks of bulky weight yarn
  • Size 11 circulars with cable at least 40″ long

Cast on 137 using Cat Borhdi’s moebius cast on
P1, K1 until 5” wide. The odd number of stitches cast on will naturally result in a seed stitch pattern.
Purl across 1 row
Knit across 1 row
K2tog, YO across 1 row
Knit across 1 row
Purl across 1 row
K2tog, then P1, K1 rib for 2 rows
Bind off with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off and weave in ends.

I blocked it gently to get the edges to lay flat since the lace edge made it want to curl. I added a little garter stitch modification to the pattern to hopefully help avoid that. If you block it, it should wrap around your neck three times. If you don’t, it’ll go around twice.

I preferred the length before blocking, and now I’m considering giving it a run through the washer and dryer to tighten it back up. In hindsight I’m also thinking the seed stitch would be better as a 3-row detail, or that I should have ditched the seed stitch entirely in favor of a simple 2×2 rib the whole way. This pattern would be much better with a solid color. The color variegation requires something cleaner and simpler.

Ah well, live and learn. I’m working on the Soft Cables Moebius Scarf with that chocolate brown alpaca yarn now. I’m calling that one Bonny + Issy after the alpacas named on the label as the yarn’s source.