This is the Ralph Lauren sweater I found at the thrift store last weekend. There’s a sort of nerdy glee that comes with the willful destruction of an expensive designer sweater.

80% Merino Wool, 13% Mohair, and 7% Nylon. It’s not felted, but it is extremely fuzzy and soft. The uberfuzziness is making the unraveling into slow work since fuzz likes to grab onto fuzz. It’s kind of like trying to unravel yarn made of velcro. But it’s all coming out in nice, long pieces of this gorgeous fuzzy yarn, so the extra effort has been totally worth it. Besides, it keeps me busy while I’m running through a Downton Abbey marathon (thank you, Amazon Prime!)

So far I’ve only unraveled the cowl, and it’s becoming clear that I’m going to get a crap-ton of yarn out of it.

Yes, “crap-ton” is a technical term. Highly technical.

Anyway, I’m going to wind up with a lot of fingering-weight yarn in this ultra fuzzy merino/mohair blend. Clearly it’s begging to be dyed. I’m thinking at least some of it will be done with a modified version of the ice cube method – dye a base color in the crockpot first, then use the ice cubes to paint on different shades, and possibly finish with an overdye pass to deepen or tone down as needed.

As to color, I’m thinking shades of green. Because clearly I don’t have enough green yarn. What about those seven unused cakes of Berroco pea soup mix fingering hanging out in my stash, you ask? Obviously those don’t count.