My second experiment dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid was much better. The rubber gloves were like magic and the dye did precisely what I wanted it to do. I’m calling this second batch “Blood Orange”.

Then I remembered that I had a few skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a really bright canteloupe color that I’d bought for a project that was scrapped. So I overdyed it with a bunch of Jamaica (a powdered Mexican aguas frescas) and got this:

Keep in mind, it was a really, really bright apricot/canteloupe color that was just two blushes away from almost neon. The red Jamaica toned it down to a fiery, rusty, pumpkin spicy color. This one I’m calling “Tango”.

That’s all I’ve done so far, though I’ve made preparations for further experiments:

  • Bought McCormick’s neon food coloring pack
  • Bought a large and flat plastic bin to use for hand painting
  • I found Wilton’s food coloring gels at Target
  • Picked out a notebook for recording my yarn recipes so I can duplicate them later
  • Finally got a Chicago Public Library card so could request a hold on Colours from Nature by Jenny Dean
    • I am fascinated by the idea that I can use things like dandelions and turmeric! Must know more.
  • Got a better pair of kitchen tongs since the yarn kept getting caught on my el cheapo pair
  • Found two bendy-neck desk lamps on clearance for $6.98 each, which will help immensely with photographing my efforts

Since I was taking advantage of the natural light this afternoon to properly photograph my latest yarn dyeing experiments, I also took a better shot of the “Hot Mess” yarn:

Time for me to go put my yarn in freezer bags with color and fiber info. Peace out, and go Broncos!